Experience the thrill of horse racing by owning a share in a foal with a remarkable pedigree.
Part de Rêve exclusively selects and offers well-made, well-bred foals. You buy your share up front, and then pay no additional fees.
We take care of their training and care, offering them the best conditions to become exceptional stallions.

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A remarkable team of over 35 people work tirelessly to shape the destiny of our racehorses. Whether it’s our groomers, our experienced trainers, our geneticists or those who ensure the daily upkeep of the stud farm, each of them plays a key role in our quest for equine excellence. They join forces to create a unique environment where each horse is raised with love, care and unrivalled mastery.

An entrepreneur's passion

Matthieu Millet is the founder of the Hunter Valley stable. As a child, he used to watch the tiercé on his grandfather’s lap, but it all really began when he met his neighbor, Félix Dalisson, a trotter breeder.


Passing on his passion for racing to him, Matthieu threw himself into the adventure. In 2018 he bought the Haras de la Perrière, which covers more than 300 hectares, and created the “Part de Rêve” concept, selling shares in well-born yearlings. This offer makes it possible to bring together as many people as possible for an affordable, all-expenses-paid budget.


Always at the forefront of innovation, in 2023 Matthieu will design and launch a 100% fiber nutrition range to support foal development.

A renowned trainer

Key members of this team also include our private trainer, Tomas Malmqvist. He is currently one of the TOP 25 trainers in France, with 55 training successes this year and a success rate for his staff of over 50% in the top 5!


Previously, Tomas Malmqvist has won more than 10 Group 1 races, including the Critérium Continental in France at Paris-Vincennes (2014).